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To make your visit at Quicentro Shopping a pleasant one, we offer spacious parking spaces for cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Additionally, parking is free with the registration of an invoice from any of our shops (minimum purchase $2.00) in one of our three customer service attention points.

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We encourage our clients to check our policy for correct use of parking spaces


Upon entrance of your vehicle in Quicentro Shopping’s parking lot and when receiving your parking card, users are deemed to have accepted the rules of prevention and control, and the regulation within the following “rules for usage of parking space” of Quicentro Shopping and have undertaken to fully comply with them. No user, upon entrance, can declare omission, forgetfulness or unawareness of the rules and thus, he or she is required to respect the following terms.

  1. Withdraw the ticket or parking card when entering with your vehicle.
  2. Park the vehicle in reverse (exiting position).
  3. The maximum speed allowed inside the parking space is 15km/h.
  4. Keep your card or ticket in a save place and take them with you. Do not leave it inside the vehicle.
  5. Check all doors and windows are properly closed and make certain all security measures are enforced, such as the alarm system.
  6. Never leave your keys on the vehicle.
  7. Do not leave any valuables in your car, Quicentro Shopping doesn’t take responsibility over lost objects.
  8. The card or ticket withdrawn at the entrance is in no way a voucher acknowledging receipt of the vehicle and doesn’t imply responsibility over its custody.
  9. All vehicles left behind after closing time will be considered abandoned and will be reported to local authorities for the proper follow-up.
  10. Quicentro shopping is entitled to
  • Hold the vehicle as warranty of payment for any damage done to people, other vehicles or the mall’s property.
  • Move the vehicle or demand its transportation within the parking area when circumstances that call for it arise, such as: poor parking, vehicles in areas not destined for parking, transit blockage, among others.
  1. Remember your card or ticket are the only valid documents to exit with your car, in case of a missing ticket, users shall reach our customer service stations for the respective reparation (the indemnity of a card or ticket is set according to established values by Quicentro Shopping), after an assessment of the entrance time in the premises, information that will be validated by security cameras. In case the missing ticket is later found within the same day, clients are eligible for a reimbursement. The reimbursement will be done the following working day after weekends or holidays in case the ticket is lost during this time.
  2. A charge will be applied for broken, damaged or folded cards, as well as teared tickets.
  3. Quicentro Shopping and its staff can't be held accountable for damaged or lost vehicles or for missing objects left inside them.
  4. Before leaving, clients must cancel a fee for the time spent in the parking area. Information about fees for clients and non clients is available in our customer service stations (conditions apply to shopping malls that implement a fee system).
  5. In case of an emergency and/or evacuation, we strongly recommend keeping vehicles in the premises.

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